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When you have logged in please subscribe to any groups you belong to or are interested in. Subscribing to a group will result in the group(s) being displayed on your "My Profile" page, along with any recent articles or events for that group. Subscribing will NOT notify the Group Contact or automatically join you to the group. To join the group use the Contact Details displayed on the Group page.

To subscribe to a group using the following steps:

  1. Click on the group link on the My Profile page or use the Groups menu.
  2. Click on the link to open the group page.
  3. Under Group Membership click on the link Subscribe to group, and confirm your subscription

  1. The link will then change to Unsubscribe from group
  2. The Group will now appear on your "My Profile" page

To unsubscribe from a group you have previously subscribed to, go to the relevant group page and click the Unsubscribe link, or unsubscribe via the link on your "My Profile" page.


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