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This document brings together information found elsewhere in the safety guidance to provide a comprehensive assessment of risk.  It can be printed off as a word document and adapted for use as a template for your own activity.

Background to trip - The organisers of the trips take LALG members and non-members to London by public transport for pre-arranged guided tours at places of interest.

Who might be harmed and how
Actions to take in advance
If it happens


Meeting point unclear

All - do not rendezvous at correct place

Send instructions in advance specifying meeting point and alternatives

Individuals are responsible for arriving at the meeting place at the given time

Organiser(s) to carry mobile phone

Consider having a LALG sign

Public transport disrupted

All, disruption may be complete or only affect some travellers

Have access to timetable and alternative routes if possible

Carry contact number for venue

Alert people joining elsewhere of the problem

Find alternative route

If severe cancel trip and tell venue

Unusual or extreme weather conditions


Monitor weather forecast

Organiser to obtain everyone’s mobile phone number

Have drinking water available

Injury and illness

Serious injury/illness needing ambulance/accident



Inform travellers they are responsible for their own insurance

Organiser to carry mobile phone and liaise with emergency services and destination’s staff as necessary

Make alternative arrangements for anyone unable to continue or return with the party

Minor injuries (eg cuts, bruises, stings)


Consider carrying small first aid kit (which people utilise at their own risk)

Refer injured person to destination’s first aider or a pharmacy




Inform venue

Known medical issues


Individual to complete form in advance if there are medical issues the organisers should be aware of

Carry out agreed action


None available


Be clear whether food and drink is provided and where it can be bought

Build in enough refreshment breaks

Ask guide to identify where food/drink may be purchased and to allow time for it to be consumed

Food (if provided) not of reasonable standard


Book a reputable venue

Complain to management and get improvement

Eat elsewhere and get refund

Special needs not met


Book a reputable venue

Individual to tell in advance of any dietary requirements

Organisers to tell venue

Incident at accommodation eg fire alarm


Book a reputable venue

Follow venue procedures

Comfort breaks

Need to use toilet


Make sure venue/guide builds enough time into programme and knows where toilets are located

Find nearest toilet

Make sure rendezvous point is known


Tickets not ready for collection


Tickets purchased in advance and collection arrangements agreed

Organiser to remind venue a couple of days before travelling

Organiser to ensure takes credit card used to purchase tickets

Wait until tickets ready

Tickets lost


Organisers collect tickets on arrival and distribute immediately

For the individual to pursue

Damage to property or environment or accident



Travellers informed in advance that they must arrange their own insurance for all aspects of the trip

LALG insurance  covers………

Trip organiser to warn individual or destination’s staff, as appropriate

Individual to pursue, or organiser to claim on LALG insurance, as appropriate



Travellers informed in advance that they must arrange their own insurance for all aspects of the trip

Organiser to give the individual the venue’s contact details

Lost person



Organiser to provide their mobile number

If lost person cannot be contacted organiser to take rest of group home as agreed (eg utilising off peak travel)

Implement plan


Trip loses money


Budget for realistic number of people

Non-returnable deposit to cover all fixed costs apart from accommodation

Balance to be paid within venue cancellation period

Warn people there may be a small surcharge

Cancel trip if insufficient people

Apply surcharge

Trip makes money


Budget for realistic number of people

Make contribution to organisers’ costs

Give refund and/or donation to venue depending on amount

Carry forward surplus to next trip

Donate to LALG central funds


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