Guidance Topic

1. Register with the website if you have not already done so.

2. Login to the website using your username and password.

3. You should be taken straight to your My Profile page, or select My Profile under the MY LALG menu.

4. If your membership details are not shown, click the Already a member? button and follow the instructions.

5. The option “Renew your membership now” will be visible under Membership.

6. Click on “Renew your membership now”.

7. You will then see a form with your membership details. These can be amended if necessary.

Select one of

“Membership” (for membership with an online version of the newsletter)

“Membership with Printed Newsletter” (for membership with a printed copy of the newsletter).

NB: The expiry date shown will not change until payment has been made

6. If there are additional members of your household who would like their own membership card then, they can be added by selecting “Additional Household Member” and filling in their information.

7. Press the “Next page” button

8. Select the payment type – payments by credit card or debit card can be made straight away. Payments by bank transfer will need to be made once you have logged out of the website.

9. Press “Submit”

10. You will receive an email confirmation of your renewal and your membership card(s) will be posted.


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