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LALG forums is an online discussion site where members can hold conversations in the form of posted comments. It can be viewed on the LALG website at by selecting FORUMS in the Menu. This opens the Forums page which lists the forums. Individual forums are grouped into Subject Containers and each Forum can have several Topics which focus on different aspects of the subject. It is in the Topics where the comments posted by LALG members are displayed. Comments can only be posted by members of LALG who have registered on the website and have a username and password.

New forums can be created by the Website Administrators in response to requests from LALG members. Forums are monitored by Moderators to keep topics clear of extraneous items e.g. Spam, check that comments relate to the subject of the Topic and that they do not have unacceptable content.

New Topics can be created by members themselves, but check the Online Help - Forum Rules first.


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