Guidance Topic

Group Contacts logged onto the website can view the subscribers to the group and assign group roles. This includes for example, making themselves or other subscribers a Content Editor.

  1. Login to the website
  2. From the My Profile page make sure you are set up as a Group Contact for your group. Your Group Contact role will be displayed next to your group on your My Profile page.
  3. Click on your group
  4. Check that the person you wish to make a Content Editor or Group Contact is listed in the Subscribers box.
  5. Click on the Group tab.
  6. Click on the people link

  1. Select the name of the person to be given a new role.
  2. Check that the person’s status is a current member.
  3. Click edit
  4. Check the required roles.

  1. Click Update membership.
  2. Return to your My Profile page via MY LALG menu.

When everything is set up, the new role(s) will be displayed on their My Profile page.


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