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Your first stop for advice or assistance with financial matters is the LALG Treasurer.

  • Groups should be self-financing.
  • However, the LALG Committee may give up to £50 for initial set up or other exceptional costs.
  • Appoint a treasurer and set up a simple method of keeping track of income and expenditure. 
  • If significant sums are involved, open a bank account. Many banks and building societies offer a “Treasurer’s Account” or similar which is aimed at small groups.
  • Alternatively you can ask the Treasurer to handle the money. Have cheques made payable to “LALG” with the group or event name on back.
  • If you plan an activity outside the usual for the group, please speak to the Treasurer if additional funds might be needed.  If agreed you will be asked to complete a summary sheet and return it with receipts. 
  • All groups’ financial records are subject to scrutiny by the Treasurer if requested.
  • Money held by a group must be donated to central LALG funds if the group closes.
  • If a group closes temporarily the Treasurer will retain any funds until the group restarts.

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