Guidance Topic

  1. From your group page, click Event
  2. Add a suitable title – remember this will be the title for all the events.
  3. Under the date section set the first date and time
  4. Check the Repeat box
  5. Repeats You can repeat in several different ways, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The most useful being weekly or monthly. For example if your group meets every other week on a Saturday. Set as shown below

Monthly e.g on the 2nd day of the month or on the third Saturday of the month. If you meet on the first and third Saturday you will need to set up another repeating event.

  1. Stop repeating either

    1. after the number of occurrences or
    2. last date – please select a date in the current year.
  2. You can Exclude or include dates as necessary.
    1. Exclude dates e.g. bank holidays or dates where a single event is already set up, click add exception
    2. Include dates if any, and click add addition.
  3. Add a Description – remember this will be the same for all repeating events
  4. Add Booking details if there are any.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.
  6. The events will be displayed on the group page and on the calendar. Events within the next few days will also appear on the front page.

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