About the LALG

Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group a Local Phenomenon

What can you buy for £13?  Arguably the best value for money around is membership of Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group (LALG).   Why? Well for this nominal amount  you will  receive a monthly newsletter inviting you to participate in an impressive 80 or more leisure activities each month and you will qualify for discounts from 30 local suppliers who support the LALG.     Since 1987 autonomous groups, united under the LALG umbrella, have organised activities almost too numerous to list. In excess of 1600 households (membership is per household) in Letchworth Garden City, Baldock, Hitchin and the surrounding areas have already benefited from this phenomenon.


In the 1980s   William Armitage and the David’s Bookshop  staff  had considered that the Ideas Fair and Autumn Book Fair events held at Plinston Hall had generated so much interest that there was sufficient enthusiasm to warrant a local arts and leisure group offering year round activities.  And when they advertised this idea so many people turned up to a brain-storming meeting that it was standing room only.

At subsequent meetings the LALG was born in a similar format to that of today: people with specific interests setting up satellite groups but linked to the main organisation by a monthly newsletter.  By late 1987 the satellite groups had begun to meet regularly, devising their own programmes of activities such as:

Art and Design / Film Clubs / History / Readers / Writers

The first LALG outing was a History Group trip to Durham Cathedral and Hadrian’s Wall.

Outings have since become a focus of interest and theatre visits, mid week and weekend excursions to places of general interest now feature in addition to the activities of the History Group.

In any one week members could have the choice of Wine Appreciation, Film Club, Gardening, Singing,  Theatre Excursion, Art Design and Architecture, Bridge, Outings,  or Walking. In a month there is much, much more.  However anybody with an interest not included could be supported and encouraged by LALG to establish a new special interest group.

All of this has been achieved through the enthusiasm and dedication of unpaid volunteers and without the necessity for support from local or national government. LALG is a tribute to what determined like-minded people can achieve and it is there to be enjoyed.  If you have an interest, which you would like to pursue, or if you would welcome the opportunity of developing a new interest and meeting new people, find out about the LALG by obtaining a copy of the newsletter available at David’s Bookshop, Eastcheap, Letchworth.

LALG is a not for profit organization.