Logging on to the website

These steps apply to people have registered and created an account.

Logging on to the website is the second step to accessing the membership areas of the website.  To do this there are the following steps

  1. Select the "LOGIN REGISTER" option from the blue menu bar near the top of the screen.
  2. Fill in the form as follows
    1. Enter your username or email address
    2. Enter your password 
    3. Press the "Log in" button

The system will then verify your password and, if correct, log you in. If for any reason the password is not recognised you may request a new password (click Forgot Password?) 

If the login was successful you will be redirected to your "My Profile" personalised landing page where your membership data and any subscribed pages will be shown. You should also notice that "LOGIN REGISTER" has now changed to "My LALG".

To log out select the "Logout" option from the "My LALG" menu. 

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