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We hold fun, general knowledge quizzes every month from September to March. Questions are published on this website and you email your answers to the quiz host at the end of every round. The correct answers are published during the quiz and you email your score at the end of the evening.

You can have up to 6 people in your team. You may be together, or in different places and communicating using your preferred method (eg phone, Zoom, Skype). Questions are all text - no images - so people can join teams via phone if they wish. 

There is no entry fee and there are no prizes but we hope you have fun and learn something new.  But no looking things up though - that's cheating!! 

If you'd like to have a go at setting a quiz, then contact Ann at to find out more.

Details of upcoming quizzes and their hosts are given in the Group Events Panel.

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March 2022

Here's the post-match report...

We hope you have recovered from yesterday evening’s quizzing exertions; we haven’t, but, as Ned Kelly said, ‘such is life…’

Some notes about the answers:

February 2022

Thank you to Rob (alias U.N.Owen) for an excellent quiz. Here's his report:

January 2022

Thank you to Carol and Derek for an enjoyable quiz. Here's their post-match report:


Thanks everyone for participating in what turned out to be quite a tricky quiz. We hope you enjoyed taking part as much as we did putting it together.

Round 1 proved to be the lowest scoring - how quickly the big news stories of only a few months ago fade from the memory! Round 3 had the best scores - you know your trees.

December 2021

Thank you to The Stots team for an excellent quiz. Here is their post-match report and the results table.

November 2021

Your host tonight: Val

Well done everyone, and thank you for taking part in the November quiz.  I hope you found it enjoyable - even if a couple of the rounds were more difficult than others!

October 2021

Thank you to everybody who participated in the October LALG online quiz. Congratulations to the Smashing Pumpkins who came first with 90 points  In second place, with 89 points were 60% Zoom and Gloom, (who needs the other 40%?!) and following very closely behind on 88 points were All the Ws. Well done!

September 2021

Thank you to Rhona and Chris for getting our quizzing season off to a great start.

The results from last night’s quiz are in the table below.

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