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As part of our commitment to inform, entertain and educate our members about the wide range of arts and leisure activities taking place at LALG or more widely, we will promote occasional features. This will include information about our groups' interests, activities taking place locally and online and articles that we hope will amuse you or provide an enjoyable break from the norm. The information will be shown as Articles below.

Contributions will be welcomed from any member of LALG; you do not have to be a member of our features team.

If you would like to contribute, send your item to the Features Editor using the address given in the Contact Details box.

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Lockdown Quizzes

There was such an outcry when we said Lockdown Quizzes would end in May that we have decided to restart them in the Autumn, with a new name.

Lockdown quizzes came about by chance when the 2020 Annual Quiz had to be moved online by the organisers, Ann and Andrew. “We did not dream it would be so successful or become a monthly event.” said Ann. “The emphasis was on breaking down social isolation. Only text questions were used, no pictures, so people could join by phone if they weren’t online.”

Talk: Citizens Advice Bureau

We recently had an excellent talk about Citizens Advice Bureau with particular reference to North Herts.

The Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire 'slogan' is: Free support and advice when you need it
Its promise is : Local charity, available to all, offering free confidential help and support

Feature: We are all in this together...... by Claire Bunyan

All Things Feathered Poultry Society

Chickens make such lovely companions, especially in a time of isolation.

The All Things Feathered Poultry Society have been keeping in touch over lockdown via WhatsApp, Zoom and email. 

Get in the driving seat

Most of the web pages for LALG’s 100+ groups are being edited by the web editing team. But more and more groups are taking control themselves. Around a third of groups have a ‘content editor’ from within their group. And we hope more will follow.

Mystery of a wooden box on the Greenway off Hillbrow - SOLVED

Have you seen this box? Who put it there? And what is it for?
An LALG member has asked us to help him find out about this intriguing mystery box, which he spotted on the Greenway. The mystery has been solved - see end of article

Tea & Cake - where to go

A list of some cafés, some not so well known, compiled by Sheila George when out and about on her bike.
Sheila welcomes any suggestions to add to the list for future publication.
Please email Sheila

Broadway Gallery's Letchworth Open Exhibition - Online

The Broadway Gallery launched the Letchworth Open Exhibition on 9 January 2021. The recent Covid-19 restrictions mean the gallery cannot yet welcome visitors, but the exhibition has been brought to life online. Celebrating the rich creative community in Letchworth Garden City. Click to take a virtual 360 degree tour of their latest exhibition.

Food for Thought by Karsi

At LALG we love to celebrate the creativity of our members.

A treasured member of our Nordic Walking Group, Karsi, has taken lockdown as an opportunity to return to her creative writing, and has penned this cheerful poem which is certain to make everyone smile - I'm sure we can all relate!

The Good Old Days by David Walker

She looked every inch an excited bride-to-be as she collected a wedding form. A couple of days later, the completed form was returned.
What a wedding it would be. The groom was the son of the commanding officer at RAF Bassingbourn, his bride the Letchworth girl who had filled in the form. Innumerable bigwigs were coming: bishops, an air vice-marshal or two, and so on. The camp chaplain was to officiate, and there was to be a very exotic honeymoon.


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