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Centrally Organised Virtual Events (COVE)

Centrally Organised Virtual Events are running on Zoom almost every week.

They give LALG members a distraction from the gloom of social distancing and cold weather while so many of our other activities are on hold.

These virtual events are are being subsidised from central LALG funds and so they are free to members.

Booking is online.

If you’ve already registered on this website in the past, just click on an event in Group Events on the right of this page, and click on the 'Booking Information' link on that page.

You will receive an automated reply that includes the Zoom details.

If you haven’t used this website before, you will need to register first and then come back here. Registering is easy and there is a short online video to help you.

If you want to join LALG, it only takes a few minutes and costs just £10 per year for your whole household.


For help in setting up Zoom, call Jackie Sayers on 07970 407635 or email 

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Talk: Great Exhibition

We had an excellent talk by Richard Watkins about The Great Exhibition of 1851.

He gave us a fascinating tour of the site, an insight into its creation and some human stories which kept us all enthralled for over an hour.

Afterwards he sent us some extra information and useful links as well as details of other tours he runs ...

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