Online talk - Five Elements of Acupuncture


During this online talk, Cambridge-based, Five Element acupuncturist Kaye Coleman-Rooney introduces the Chinese tradition of Yang Shen. Translated as live well, live longYang Shen emphasises practical ways we can all safeguard and improve our physical health and mental well being.


Looking back over two millennia of Yang Shen in practice, Kaye will discuss:

  • the history and science behind related medical interventions such as acupuncture;
  • explain why the movements of tai chi and qigong are viewed as 'internal medicine';
  • and introduce you to the five flavours of Chinese dietary therapy. 

There will be healthful  tips and suggestions you can try at home, and Kaye will be happy to answer your questions at the end of her talk. 

Kaye Rooney is a fully qualified traditional acupuncturist and a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

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These talks are live on Zoom but you can join without the Zoom app. If you need help in setting up Zoom, call Jackie Sayers on 07970 407635 or email


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