Welcome to LALG, with over 140 groups and events plus discounts in around 45 local shops and businesses.

LALG groups cover everything from art to walking, Shakespeare to computing and languages to quizzes, so there should be something for everyone. And if there isn't, we can start a new group! Find a group now.

Booking Essential: Annual In-Person Quiz on Saturday 20 April, 7pm at Kincaid Hall, Letchworth Settlement. A light-hearted general knowledge quiz.

LALG is entirely run by volunteers and we always need more - could you help?
Please take a look at our short form listing the area where we need help. 

Some upcoming events are listed on this home page. For more dates, visit the LALG calendar of events. This can be filtered by category so that you look at just walks or just crafts & gardening for example. You’ll be amazed at the choice awaiting you!

Sunday 15 September, 10am - 12pm
Letchworth Tennis Club, Muddy Lane SG6 3TB. A combination of singles and mixed doubles.
Please get in touch as soon as possible so that interest can be gauged.

If you would like to speak to someone at LALG, take a look at our list of committee members. There is a list of group contacts for all the LALG groups; or for a general enquiry, click on Contact LALG at the foot of every page.

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