Food & Drink

We meet once a month to sample sandwiches, tea and cakes in various places in the area.

New members are welcome.

We now have interest from makers of Craft beer, kit beer, cider and myself as country wine maker, with two novices ready to learn the art of Home-Made Alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic
drinks and cordial are also included.

Maybe you used to make these back in the heyday of home brewing, have equipment or books in the loft or would just like to have a go.

Come along to our meeting – contact the Group Organiser for the venue.

This group meets on the second Tuesday of the month to sample real ales and to put world affairs into a personal perspective, viewed through our pint glass.

Talk it, learn it, eat it. Share knowledge, opinions, likes and dislikes about food. Be surprised by blind tastings, share recipes, discover kitchen tricks.
Whether you’re a chef, a cook or think you’re a total novice, you are welcome to join this friendly bunch – we have a couple of spaces.

We meet in Members’ houses: we chat a lot, we talk food a lot and try not to eat too much but it’s always a fun evening.


Those interested in sampling, comparing and generally enjoying a selection of gins are welcome to come along to the next meeting when fine examples of this splendid spirit will be available to taste

Please leave your name at David’s or contact either William Armitage or Di Jury 07743 300307


A small friendly group, who meet once a month in each other's homes to enjoy a variety of dinners..

After drawing out of a hat the names of our countries, over the coming months we will prepare food from Jamaica, Brazil and Pakistan served with suitably matched cocktails, beer and wine.

Our next foodie experience will be to the country of Brazil, land of the carnival, caipirinha
cocktails and hearty meat and bean stews called feijoada. Perfect for the chilly month of January.

We usually meet for lunch once a month.  For those who are tempted, please check our 'Group events' panel to the right, or contact Janet Waters.

To any LALG members who wish to join us, but are not already regular attenders: please note that it is difficult to get everyone fed within a reasonable time, so our numbers are limited to 14 persons. If you want to start up another lunch club, give me a ring and with enough interest we could get a second one going.

Those interested in sampling, comparing and generally enjoying fine malt whisky are welcome to come along to the next meeting when fine examples of this splendid spirit will be presented for members’ pleasure. 

We still have room for new members. For the details of the venue contact Grant Cameron.


Below is a list of the whiskies that we've enjoyed:

1. The Glenlivet

Members meet at each others' homes to enjoy puddings prepared by the hosts - with everyone helping with the clearing up!

AWAITING NEW OWNERSHIP. If interested contact William Armitage.

The Supper Club is a group that meets approximately every six weeks at a restaurant for a meal. Usually it is in the evenings and within a fifteen mile radius of Letchworth. We try to have a theme to our meals, either local speciality restaurants (e.g. Black Horse at Ireland) or "outings" (e.g. dog racing at Peterborough).  We usually have between 30 and 40 people attending.

All current members of LALG are welcome to join us - look at the 'Group Events' box to the right and notices in the Newsletter.  Regular members of the group meet annually to plan our programme of events.

We usually meet at the Settlement on the first Friday of the month at 8 pm -  our meetings usually including wine tastings!

We currently have a few vacancies for new members. You do not need to have a great knowledge of wines, just an interest in a great evening with a lively group. Contact details are below:

For our latest plans see the 'Group Events' panel on the right, the current Newsletter, or get in touch with our Group Contacts, John and George.

Will members please ensure that the group contacts are informed every month, if you plan to attend.


Monthly wine tastings for those interested in discovering more about wines from around the world.

Two Members take it in turn to present 8 wines, usually a mixture of sparkling white, white, red and occasionally a desert wine.  Some months we push the boat out and those Members who love to cook, show off their culinary skills, serving up delicious food to complement their selection of wines.

A big welcome to all our new members who joined us last year.

Wine Group Three is a sociable group of amateur wine enthusiasts who take turns hosting monthly tastings that are informal, friendly and yet informative.  The group usually meets at 7:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month in the Upper Hall of Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Norton Way South.

On Tuesday 21 November we will be preparing for Christmas wine shopping with Gayle and Gordon hosting a tasting evening of wines for Christmas.