Leisure L-Z

The group decided to meet usually on the second and fourth Wednesday (first & third Wednesdays in October) of the month at each other’s houses.


We are still on the lookout for Garden City enthusiasts to come and help us dig and delve a bit further in order to put together the full picture of the way the town came into being and then grew and developed.

Our time and effort, for the time being, are taken up by trying to complete the text for our book

Letchworth -The Only New Industrial Town in England? It's only too easy to get carried away!

Please make sure to check the Events Panel on the right for the time and venue for next meeting!  (There's NO MEETING in December 2017)

Meditation for inner peace.

Every Tuesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm at St Christopher School.

Experience joy, deep tranquillity and the ability to deal better with whatever comes your way. You will be surprised how easy it is to gently guide your mind to experience deep rest and restore yourself.

London is a collection of villages. When you live in one of them with its quiet back streets and its one street of stores and shops, like those of any other village, it is not possible for you to realise that you are in the heart of the greatest city in the world.’  Mark Twain'

Talks on a variety of specialised subjects.

Health for the health less: voluntary work in India.

The history of language: a lighthearted review.

Links between Britain and Finland

If anyone has missed the previous talks and would like them to be repeated, or for more information, please contact Katka.

Monitor the 'Events' panel to the right for details of these meetings when they become available


Informal get-togethers to patchworth together and swap tips. Plus of course a bit of chat!

Details from Jane (contact information is in the panel to the right.)

After a first meeting the new patchwork group decided that due to the low number of people and
our commitments over the next few months, we will next meet on Thursday 25 January 2018,
10.30am at The Gallery.

A lively discussion group that discusses life, the universe and everything!!!

We usually meet at 7.30pm to 9.00pm on the third Monday of every month - please check with Dave Shane.

Meetings are open to anyone who is either a member of the LALG or non-members but who are willing to join.

Charge of up to £2.00 towards costs.


We are a small group of photographers who enjoy digital photography as a hobby. We meet monthly at an agreed place or event to take pictures and share our ideas and knowledge. A couple of weeks later we get together at a member’s house to share and critique a small, selected number of the photos taken. A selection of our photos can be seen by clicking on any of the photos shown below.

We now have a vacancy. If you are interested in joining the group or finding out more, please contact us - Group Contacts,  shown to the right:


We are a ‘self-help’ group and welcome anyone interested in using Adobe Photoshop to organise and edit images taken on a digital camera.

We have access to Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0Elements 11 also Photoshop CS4

We meet at the home of a member to share all aspects of sewing, knitting, crochet and quilting.

The group is full but we are considering a second group if there is sufficient demand. To join the waiting list, contact Jane Bird:

01462 486947 07966 673092  thebirds48@yahoo.co.uk

This group specialises in organising trips to theatres for plays, music concerts, and other major events including sport. Prices usually include good seats and travel by coach from, and returning to, Letchworth.

See the programme of upcoming events in the column on the right headed ‘Group events’. Click on any title and you will see details of the performance, times, method of travel, and how to book your seat.

If you have any ideas for visits, then please contact Malcolm King - see box on the right



We offer an interesting and varied range of speakers focusing on our industrial heritage, together with occasional group outings to museums, mills, forges, steam traction etc

Full details of our 2018 Diary will be published here, when finalized.

We are interested in churches and other places of worship – their architecture, monuments, art and history – and the people who have been associated with them over the years.

We generally arrange guided tours of interesting buildings during spring, summer and autumn, and a programme of talks in winter.

Everyone is welcome at all our events; although we don't worship together there is always time during our visits for those who would like some quiet reflection.



We are a small group who normally meet once a month in the evening to discuss current events in an informal atmosphere and would welcome new members.

We meet from 7.30pm to 9.00pm on the first Wednesday in each month at The Spirella Building in Bridge Road, where we are able to use their car park via the entry off Icknield Way.

We have recently adopted a new format for these meetings under the title WHAT THE PAPERS SAY

Group Contact: Brian Nicholson





We visit local meadows and nature reserves to enjoy the amazing variety of plants, birds, butterflies and flowers.

Each willing member leads a visit to a wood, meadow or nature reserve, followed by refreshments in a pub or tea room.

As this is a seasonal group, there will be no more visits until Spring 2018.