@Letchworth_LALG Twitter page for Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group

@Letchworth_LALG Twitter page for Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group

We now have a Twitter page  - search for Letchworth_LALG or more specifically @Letchworth_LALG.

If you have a Twitter account please "Follow" us by going to our page and clicking the Follow button. Let us know if you would like us to Follow you too.

We are posting information about forthcoming Group events, Discounts, Associated Group events and other interesting related Arts and Leisure information. 

Our Twitter page is linked to Facebook page and so you will see our Facebook posts appearing as our Tweets too. 

We would also like to Tweet information about events that each Group runs including pictures of your creations, events and participants - please send your updates to publicity@lalg.org.uk

Please Tweet us @Letchworth_LALG with your activities.

Your comments on our Twitter page would be appreciated.