Foods of the World

Foods of the World

A small friendly group, who meet once a month in each other's homes to enjoy a variety of dinners..

After drawing out of a hat the names of our countries, over the coming months we will prepare food from Jamaica, Brazil and Pakistan served with suitably matched cocktails, beer and wine.

Our next foodie experience will be to the country of Brazil, land of the carnival, caipirinha
cocktails and hearty meat and bean stews called feijoada. Perfect for the chilly month of January.

For practical reasons we are unable to enlarge the group, but if anyone is interested in forming another please contact us for information.

No event is planned for April.


More News and Pictures

Our Brazilian feast kicked off with the national drink of Cachaca which was made into Caipirinha Cocktails.

Bob and Sue scoured the internet for recipes to bring us a feast from Pakistan.

Our first foray into the exotic started with a visit to Jamaica.

Our final Just Roasts dinner of 2017 had an autumnal theme.