Arts & Design Group

Arts & Design Group


We share an interest in the visual arts and design including: painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, textiles, industrial design and much more.

We pursue that interest by meetings to show our own items, having speakers from inside and outside the group and by visits to exhibitions, collections or institutions etc.


New group coordinator required.

Clive Schofield has run this group for a number of years and is now standing down. We'd like to thank him for all his hard work, and for the enjoyment we have received from the programme of activities he put together.

We have a number of events planned for 2017, and people to organise them, but need someone to coordinate them all and act as group contact. Please get in touch with Clive if you are interested and would like to know more.






More News and Pictures

A summary of the Art, Design & Architecture Group’s survey of the Letchworth street scene with some constructive criticism:

A very thought provoking evening was enjoyed by the group who visited the wind turbine site on 10 August.  A reserve list has already formed for next year as I have been assured we will be able to

Wednesday 21 April John Mills Sculpture Studio at Hinxworth  John Mills was teaching at St Albans School of Art from 1962-1977 

This month I will be contacting all those people who expressed an interest in the Glasgow trip to arrange a get-together to discuss the trip in more detail.